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If you intend to establish a crematory: market analysis,
preparation of business plans,
designing crematories or providing technology-related data to a third party designer,
production, installation and maintenance of complete cremation systems:
bone mill,
control panel,
mortuary cart,
mortuary cooler,
training and full professional protocol for operations and keeping records. Company brochure
If you own or operate a crematory, here is our offer for you: for long-term servicing and maintenance co-operation,
for the modernization of obsolete technologies as well as the demolition of your current system and the construction of a new cremator,
for the co-ordination of market processes and the establishment of co-operation systems. We offer...
Major features Discharge of combustion products: to the open air through masonry flue and chimney, supported by ejector air fan.
Air supply:
1 centrifugal fan supplies air to the cremation zone, the afterburner and the cremator chamber.
1 centrifugal fan supplies air to the ejector.
Cremation control: automatically, taking temperatures and weight into consideration
Afterburner control: with automatic fixed-value temperature control Chamber pressure control: through regulation of the air flow supplied by the ejector, ensured by the frequency converter speed control of the ejector air fan.
Operation of the Equipment The equipment does not have a separate main switch. The horizontal movement of the loader is done manually.
After the body has been placed on the forks, the operator lifts up the forks to their end position by turning the "Fel/Le" (Up/Down) switch. The forks must be lifted above the lock that was previously set at the height of the cremator’s door. Push the loader’s forks fully into the cremator, after the door of the cremator has been opened with the help of the switch that opens the door. After they have been pulled out from the cremator, the forks must be lifted a bit so that the lock can be released. Then, lift up the locking arm vertically and lower the forks by using the switch. In case of a power outage, the forks can be lowered via the manual lowering mechanism of the hydraulic valve.
Bone Mill TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Energy source Nominal voltage: 400 V±5%
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Type of power supply: 400 V/ 50Hz AC
Current at full load: 10A Dimensions and weight of the equipment Equipment weight: 300 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1250x600x1562
Control Panel Main features of operation A Siemens PLC is used to control the equipment. Data collection and intervention is ensured by a panel PC. The computer has a touch screen, so there is no need for a mouse or a keyboard for handling. Data can be entered with a numeric pad that pops up on the screen. In the case Internet connection is available, we can connect into the cremation process via our remote management system, check the procedure, prepare analyses about the cremation practices and make proposals for the improvement of work methods, thus facilitating the optimization of operating and maintenance costs.
Technical specifications and dimensions • In lowermost position (L x W x H): 2150 mm x 830 mm x 300 mm
• In uppermost position (H x W x H): 2150 mm x 830 mm x 1650 mm (2000 mm)
• Lifting capacity: 120 kg max: 200 kg
• Net weight: cca.80 kg
• Material: stainless steel design, painted lower frame
• Option: electrohydraulic design with 12 V battery
Mortuary Cart
Technical parameters Capacity: 4 bodies
Cooling medium: R404a/550 g
External dimensions (W*D*H) (mm): 800 x 2,375 x 2,480
Net weight: 484 kg
Gross weight: 510 kg
Climate class: III. (25°C)
Operating temperature: +4±2°C
Cooling: Ventilated
Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
Energy consumption: 7 kWh/24h Technical description Main assemblies of the equipment:
Cooling chamber
Cooling unit (UNIBLOCK): a separate engineering unit placed on the front of the cooler.
Rolling trays The cooler is built from panels insulated with polyurethane foam and has a self-carrying structure. The panels are covered with galvanized steel plates inside and with galvanized steel plates coated with baked enamel outside. There are 4 pairs of stainless steel rails in the cooler, which hold rolling trays. All the built-in parts of the cooler are made from galvanized or stainless steel. The UNIBLOCK is placed on the top of the cooler. It ensures the right temperature for the cooler with an internal fan-assisted setting, without letting any odours escape.
Mortuary Cooler
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